Biotechnology makes use of biological organisms, systems or processes to make or modify products or processes. Being an interesting blend between the biological world and the man-made, biotechnology is a melting pot of innovation. Also, with the growing pace of technological advancements and great prospects, the market is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative ones out there. 

Biotechnology industry is diverse and its applications are manifold. In healthcare, companies are developing precise tools for disease detection, and tailoring treatment to individuals using their genetic makeup. In agriculture, companies are improving crops to be high-yielding, pest-resistant and of better quality, all with using substantially lesser amounts of resources. Biotechnology is helping us in reducing green-house gas emissions by providing biofuels, increasing efficiency of manufacturing processes and cutting down operating costs. At this pace, biotechnology could very well be mankind’s next-big stride. 

Biotechnology market has seen a surge in investments and spending on R&D since the turn of this century. The market has been frenetic with IPOs, acquisitions and mergers, increased investment in startups, geographic strategies to avail tax benefits, and so on. This trend is expected to continue until we are well into the middle of next decade. Companies like Gilead Sciences, Amgen, Biogen Idec, and Celgene, each with valuation of nearly 100 billion dollars, are making huge expenditure in research and development, are assuming the positions of trailblazers and vanguards of the industry. 

Market Data Forecast reports and subscriptions in biotechnology section, contain latest trends and detailed analysis of the market by segmenting it on the basis of application, technology and region which will help you summit the vantage point, offering a unique, consolidated perspective.

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